Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Christmas Staff

More Christmas Stuff

Cooking for Christmas ... Ambrosia

Back when I was a kid living with my grand father he would make Ambrosia every Christmas. Somehow he would get a basket of fresh grapefruit and oranges from someone in Florida. And he would make ambrosia. His recipe was simple and the one that I follow;

- Orange sections

- Pineapple chunks, tidbits, or crushed

- Coconut, about a cup shredded

- Raisins, about a hand full

Mix it and chill it


Some of you may have seen an Ambrosia recipe that does not include the raisins and I have seen people make it and mix it into cool whip, and even use fruit cocktail along with or instead of the oranges. But this recipe I like the best. Eat it for breakfast, lunch or after dinner.

Sarah bought me a new hat for Christmas so I decided to show it off along with some of my Christmas toys.

My new Christmas cap, courtesy of Sarah

You can see the animated version of the hat on Sarah's profile page.

Some more of my toys for Christmas that Santa brought me last time

My Elmo's and Hess trucks

I was just thinking today that I really miss the old days on Blackplanet before they made all of the changes.

My BP cap, bet not many people still have one of these

before they made all of the changes. By the way Blackplanet has a new page format coming out soon; they are showing previews of it now and it looks a lot like the Facebook page ....LOL Anyway, way back when I first started on Blackplanet one of the things I loved was posting guestbooks for holidays. And I had a bunch of tailor made posts for each holiday. At Christmas time I would post every one of the people in my guestbook and on my friend's list with a holiday greeting. Something maybe like this:

I had some really fancy ones with lights flashing and scrolling lettering

This would be animated
a sparkling wreath

That was back when you needed to know how to do some HTML stuff and it was fun. Now days most people don't even know what HTML means..

anyway ..... MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!

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