Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Punch I the Mouth

I need to get something off my chest and so I'm writing this for that purpose. Now some of you may not agree with me and that's OK; I don't expect everyone to agree with me.

This concerns the incident a few days ago where the two young girls were being arrested for 'J" walking and got into an altercation with the arresting police officer and one of the girls was punched in the mouth. Many of you may have seen it on the news and/or on YouTube.

Yesterday as were were driving back from the picnic I heard a portion of Michael Basidens afternoon radio show when he was asking views on the incident and whether the policeman went too far. Well my opinion on it is she got what she deserved and there ain't no need to put no "buts" in it about the policeman going too far, or she was only 17 years old, or she was Black and was it racist.

I am sick of young folks disrespecting their parents, grandparents, other people, their teachers, and anybody in authority. And it especially galls me when they do something like this and then cry racism, or it was a juvenile, or the police should not have done "whatever they did". Young folks want to be thugs they gotta deal with the results of thugisms. In this case the YouTube showed this young girls was pulling away from someone else to go shove the policeman. That's how most fights start, someone pushes/shoves someone else. And then she just stood there not giving any ground or trying to move away. So I my book the cop should have booped her in her mouth maybe two or three times. And there shouldn't be any repercussions for him either. Otherwise another young punk, or punkette, might think its OK to shove a policeman when he's trying to do his job and duty.

Now some of you will say, "well he didn't have to hit her in the mouth". True dat, he could have shot her, he could have hit her in the head with his blackjack, or his night stick, or his flashlight, or with a tazer. So in my book she got off light.

And all these "authority type" DJ's who are making social comentary need to stop talking about what the police may have done wrong and focus on the fact that this young girl was dead wrong and all you other punks and punkette thugs need to learn from this that you don't need to buck authority. And don't start talking about she was only 17 because she was/is a big girl, about the same size as the police officer. After that bop in the mouth my bet is she will not go after a police officer again.

And one final note. The officer was trying to arrest them for "J"-walking and in most cases that means a simple fine of $5 to about $15 dollars, just like a simple parking ticket. They should have gone peacefully to get their citations, paid their fines and moved on. Instead now both of them are in a heap of trouble.

Comment if you want, and/or dis-agree if you want. She got what she deserved!!!!, a punch in the mouth. And remember, years ago the police would have taken her into the back room of the police station and done a Rodney King on her and there would not have been any photos or reports of it.

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