Monday, June 14, 2010


When I first started blogging a few years ago on Yahoo-360 I had in mind “Bush bashing” since he was such a horrible President. But I soon discovered that I enjoyed even more just talking about “things” and “stuff”. My all time favorite topic is always travel, my travels, your travels, and/or anybody’s travel. Its such a wide open topic and there is so much to talk about. But I also blogged about life around the house as well as current events and issues. Some of my friends on Yahoo-360 said they got to 500 or more blogs. I didn’t do that many but did have about 300 or so. Fortunately when Yahoo-360 went away it allowed us to capture our blogs. So I do plan to re-post some of them, especially those related to my travels. When I blog about my travels its not intended as boasting but just enjoying myself sharing my travel experiences.

In that same vein, so many people say “I want to be just like you when I grow up” and travel a lot. Well you don’t really have to wait. All you need to do is prioritize what’s most important to you. If traveling is that important then move it up on the list of things you like to do.

I remember when I was growing up we, our family, NEVER went on a real vacation. Mom and dad took us to visit relatives when dad had time off from work. And it wasn’t really his fault that we did not vacation. He didn’t make a lot of money to have a big vacation but more importantly we couldn’t go to the places that White people went to for vacation. Hell we couldn’t even go to the good beaches; they didn’t want us in the same ocean. We couldn’t stay in motels or hotels except on the seedy parts of town. Heck, we couldn’t even stop in restaurants along the highways. We had to carry our own food from home.

So my first real vacation was in 1970, about 8 years after I started working. We went to Nassau in the Bahamas and found out what a real vacation was like. We almost got stuck in Nassau because I just about ran out of money with all of the tipping we had to do and back then there were no credit cards like we have these days. I actually had to call dad from Florida while we were waiting on our connecting flight to have him pick us up at the airport as I didn’t have enough money for a cab ride home.

See, there I go talking again about traveling. So I guess I’ll do a re-post, with some modifications, of my old Yahoo-360 post called “Tinkertoy’s Travels”. In the past a good deal of my travels were by car, all over the US to National Parks and other interesting places. Then I had a period when I did a few train trips across the country. Now days most of my travels are cruises, actually seeing the world by cruise ship.

I have decided to just cover a wide range of subjects in the blog as thoughts come to mind.

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